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Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:12
Iran Warns Israel of Crushing Response to Any Stupid Move
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry blasted Israel for raising threats against the country's interests, warning Tel Aviv of Tehran's crushing response to any stupid move.

"The nature of the Zionist regime over the past 70 years has been founded on occupation of the Palestinian land and neighboring states, killing, looting, assassination and aggression,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said on Wednesday.

Iran’s presence in Syria is at the invitation and agreement of the Syrian government, aimed at fighting against terrorism backed by the US and Zionist regime, he said.

“Iran will not compromise and hesitate for a moment to defend its presence in Syria and also defend its national security and regional interests. Consequently, Iran will give a decisive and crushing response to any aggression or stupid act by the Zionist regime,” Mousavi said.

He then stressed that Iran will file lawsuits against the warmongering remarks and threats made by Israeli officials against the Islamic Republic with the international communities.

On Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stated that Israel is engaged in a continuous campaign to weaken Iran and to remove its forces from Syria.

"We are constantly working to raise the stakes for Iran until we reach our ultimate goal: removing them from Syria. We will continue to prevent an Iranian presence on our northern border,” Bennett said

Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Army Radio on Wednesday that Israel would not allow Iran to gain a foothold along the northern border, pointing out that Israel has conducted "countless" attacks to prevent this.

Iran has been providing Iraq and Syria with military advisory and humanitarian aid in their fight against terrorist groups.





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