Australia: Man Placed in Induced Coma After Victoria Police Stomp on Head During Arrest
TEHRAN (FNA)- Video footage showed six police officers pinning the man to the ground during an arrest in Melbourne’s North. The man is in an induced coma after he was hit by a police car and had his head stomped on in a horror police arrest. [VIDEO]
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US: 'Death to America' Chanted at Massive BLM March in Oakland
TEHRAN (FNA)- Several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters, many wearing black bloc, marched through the streets of Oakland, California, last Wednesday, shouting a chant: "Death to America!" [VIDEO]
Broken Windows, Stores on Fire in Protesters Clash with Security Forces during Rally in Colombia
TEHRAN (FNA)- Protesters clashed with security forces during a march in the wake of the Peace Week in Bogota, Colombia. One of the rallygoers was carrying a sign reading 'You are hurt by a CAI (police station) that is repaired in one day. [VIDEO]