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Tue May 05, 2020 5:33
Iranian FM Asks US Counterpart to Read UNSC Resolution 2231
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on his US counterpart Mike Pompeo to read the UN Security Council’s resolution 2231, saying that the resolution is not independent from the 2015 nuclear deal.

“Pompeo pretends UNSCR 2231 is independent from the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). He should read 2231. The JCPOA is a part of 2231. That's why it's 104 pages and why he’s not read it,” Zarif wrote on his twitter page on Tuesday.

He referred to certain realities about the 2231 resolution, and said, “It would not exist without the JCPOA, the US violated it and prevented others from complying and the US has no standing.”

Washington is reportedly planning to use a threat to trigger a return of all UN sanctions against Iran as leverage to get the 15-member Security Council to prolong the arms embargo on Tehran.

The removal of Iran's arms embargo is based on the nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

In defiance of global criticism, the US unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA, which President Donald Trump called “the worst deal ever,” in May 2018 and re-imposed the anti-Iran sanctions.

Last Wednesday, Iranian Permanent Envoy to the UN Majid Takht-e Ravanchi described the US attempts to extend the arms sanctions against Iran as running against the UN resolution 2231.

The claim that the United States is still a party to the agreement allowing it to invoke a sanctions snapback under certain pretexts is nothing but “an unprecedented joke”, Takht-e Ravanchi said.

“Security Council members should pay heed to the fact that any move to counter the lifting of Iran's arms embargo violates UNSC Resolution 2231,” he added.

The diplomat said that by withdrawing from the JCPOA, the United States violated both Resolution 2231 and its commitments stipulated under the JCPOA, adding that Washington’s international obligations have nothing to do with who is in charge in the White House.

“Moreover, the JCPOA has become part of international law through Resolution 2231, and it is unacceptable for Americans to say that because the agreement was signed by another government and now a different government is in power, they can withdraw from it,” he added.
The remarks come as the United States has reportedly circulated a draft UN resolution only to a small number of Security Council members, which would indefinitely extend a UN arms embargo on Iran set to expire in October.

Takht-e Ravanchi went on to say that the current US administration is trying to strike the expiration of the arms embargo from Resolution 2231, saying the embargo itself was “unjustly” imposed on Iran from the very beginning.

He also reacted to reports that the US could still invoke a sanctions snapback because it is named as a deal participant in the 2015 UN resolution, calling it a “jest.”
He said the comments were stunning and unacceptable to the international community, citing the May 8, 2019 statement by the White House that explicitly said it had terminated US participation in the JCPOA.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior diplomat also reacted to Trump’s threats to hit Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf.

He said that over the past 40 years, the Iranian people have shown that they will not back down in the face of threats, and in practice they have shown that they stand up to those who want to speak with an aggressive, threatening or insulting language to them.

“We are patrolling within the framework of international regulations in the Persian Gulf, which is close to our land and our waters, and we have maintained the security of this waterway for many years and will continue to do so,” he stressed.





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